Protecting the Endpoint with Privileged Identity Management

Mike Campbell, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. Your company may already be managing employee access to sensitive systems with a privileged access tool like CyberArk or thinking about it. This is a crucial step in building out a secure computer network … Continued

Looking Beyond Strong Passwords

Mike Winslow, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. Recently I was setting up online access for one of my financial accounts. It had all the basic requests for information; first name, last name, birthdate, address, account number, you know, all the typical … Continued

Cybersecurity and PAM

Zack Zando, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. There is no doubt about it, cybersecurity is a fast-growing field. According to the Enterprise Strategy Group, 46% of organizations in 2016 say they have a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills, nearly doubling the … Continued

Passwords: Insecure Since 1962

Barry Gordon, Senior IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. In the early 1960’s, the Compatible Time-Sharing System at MIT required a password to login and use the system. This was likely the first time such technology had been implemented. Its purpose was … Continued

The Internet of Things and its effect on Enterprise Security

Mike Campbell, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. Smart devices comprised a network of almost 23 billion devices in 2016. While internet-connected devices remain mostly in the consumer market now, the intersection of Internet of Things devices with the enterprise network has … Continued

What to expect from your annual CyberArk health assessment

Christopher Meek, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. Yearly health assessments for CyberArk deployments are invaluable, and there is no better time than the present to begin planning yours. The daily obligations of the deployment teams are often so broad that documenting … Continued